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Bon Jour!

Hello!  It's so exciting to meet you!  Welcome to the GAUDET Virtual House!  


2020: Honored to have done the Music/Vocals for the Song, 'Out of the Storm', for the Project: "Storm of Death"!
This will be Adnan Al Hamdan's Third album. Featuring a selection of musicians from all over the world. More than 100 guest and 40 countries, in different music genres.  Adnan will have the honor of hosting amazing and very special guests to make the biggest musical project in the world.  This project will help to benefit Syria and all proceeds will go to that humanitarian cause.  Due out in 2020! w- These amazing Artists: /


Spring 2020:  'One Little Finger' Score is in The Oscars Original Song Race!  Songs preview link:

Spring 2020:  Proud to have contributed music to this new APP, for helping Cancer Patients! 'Heart First'! w- Jay Einbender & These amazing Artists:


Christmas 2019:  #THEMEGABAND 

Get ready to hear ‘Everyday will be like a holiday’ by Oliver Sean featuring the #RealIndieProject. The @realindieproject are : Syreeta Thompson Nicki Kris Trevor Sewell Devin Leigh Tomiko Dixon Suzanne Grzanna Damian Wyldes Christina Gaudet and Oliver Sean

Fall 2019: Winner @ Cannes Film Festival! Congratulations to all and Thanks to Kevin Mackie and Rupam Sarmah for this great opportunity to have a small tiny part on this amazing film soundtrack, One Little Finger. Go Team!  

Fall 2019: Whoo Hoo! FYC! We are in the First Round of the 62nd GRAMMY® Awards, Ballot Artists w Michael Peloso and John Zych! ❤️🙏😁🤘🤟🎤🎧🎼 Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Rock Song, Best Rock Performance.

Fall 2019:  Honored to be in the First Round of the 62nd GRAMMY® Awards in World Music for 'One Little Finger', sound track.

Fall 2019:  Honored to be a part of this project, the sound track for the movie, 'One Little Finger'

Fall 2019:  Linda Chorney's, new film, 'When I Sing' is a Trailblazer! And yes, I'm in it too (briefly)😁, with many other talented cast members and crew members! You can now view it on Amazon!  🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 #5RockStars #Trailblazer! #IndieMusic Link Here:

Spring 2019: Announcing the Promo Video to 'Echoes of Angels'.  Please like and Subscribe to the Channel:

Spring 2019: Announcing "Echoes of Angels".  A collaboration with Michael Peloso, Lyrics.  Produced by John Zych and Christina Gaudet.  Music, Performance Arrangements, Add. Lyrics by Christina Gaudet. 

Global Film Awards Winners:  Thanks Global Film Awards and IMBD! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Music Video Award - 'World Wide Love' 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Official Selection, Global Film Awards: 
'World Wide Love' Video - Has been Officially Selected for the 2018 Global Film Awards featured on IMDB! 😀
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YOUTUBE NEWS:  Youtube has awarded me an Official Artist Music Channel! 🎵
It sure would be great if you joined me there! Please subscribe! 😁🤘

AGENCY NEWS: Christina signs with the "BEST Agency" for music, film and TV.

PERFORMANCE:  BB KINGS for the SOIREE, Grammy® Week.  Honoring and Opening for Dionne Warwick!
PERFORMANCE:  ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL with My Sister Soldiers for Grammy® Week.
PERFORMANCE:  THE Bitter End, NYC  w- The Indie Collaborative.

PRICELESS Album: 8/3 on the Radio:  Italian Radio Zenith Messina, NYC!
BILLBOARD: (Grammy® Issue): Christina and the Priceless Album in the Grammy® Billboard Issue
GRAMMY®: BALLOT ARTIST for the PRICELESS Album: FYC:  First Round Grammy Ballot Artist in the 60th Grammy® Awards!
BILLBOARD CHARTS: #1 on Billboard Charts - Together In Peace Album
PRICELESS Album available:  Gaudet Store, iTunes, Apple Music, CDBaby 
New Album 'Priceless':  Available for Pre-Orders, Release date July 1st.

Official Winner:  Hollywood Film Awards! Winner! Hollywood Film Award, music video, 'World Wide Love'!
Semi-Finalist:  Los Angels Cine Fest! Congratulations! - You are now a Semi-Finalist, for your film, "Wave" and Wild Things"! 
Official Winner:  
NYC Indie Film Awards! Winner! Platinum Award: Wild Things (Christina Gaudet) / Winner! Gold Award: Time (Christina Gaudet)
Official Selection:  NYC Indie Film Awards!
Official Nomination:  Hollywood in Music Media Award!
Grammy® Week: @ the 59th Grammy Awards!
Action Move People Album, Top 10 Albums on Billboard!!
AKADEMIA MUSIC AWARD:  Best Pop Rock Album, May, 2016!!
GRAMMY®:   Grammy Ballot Artist for the 57th Grammy Awards, ‘Wild Things’ Album.